Virto Kanban Board and Calendar Overlay for your Marketing

How to succeed in marketing tasks with Virto products and create an efficient and clear system for your work.
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What’s the Challenge?

If you are the part of a marketing team, you daily face the challenge of various projects, campaigns, urgent issues, and product releases. Social media, landing pages, content, and product launch schedules… All of these can easily turn into chaos if marketing directors do not find a strategy of organization and communication.

But with the right tools in place, you can adjust the work of a marketing team (or any other team). There are many options to transform disordered and chaotic processes to a banded structure. All you need is to visualize the process and break down the large tasks into smaller steps with responsible team members, deadlines, and clear order.

Solution is Here

The most popular way to create an organized system and track the progress is the Kanban method.

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board for Office 365 is a scrum board that helps you to visualize and manage tasks in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. The app displays a SharePoint task list as a Kanban board, where Kanban cards are divided into columns. The columns usually mean the status, though it is also possible to adjust them in any other way.

But what we offer — is even more. You can combine Virto Kanban with Calendar Overlay to succeed in marketing goals. Let us show you how.

Combine Products Perfectly

This case pictures the working process for a marketing team of a… cat wear company. We suppose that these guys have already set up all the Virto apps mentioned before and keep data on a SharePoint platform.

Virto Calendar Overlay

This cat wear company has a plan of campaigns for the fiscal year. As you can see, all the planned events are unified in a Virto Calendar Overlay Pro App. The app visualizes the project activities for all level management — easy way to get a complete picture and control your business. All the data is kept in SharePoint lists that are used as multiple data sources (a color for each data source) for the calendar.

Planned events in Virto Calendar
The calendar of cat wear company is also available for all the stakeholders. If necessary, they even may add it to their Outlook for more comfort.

Virto Calendar for stakeholders' view
At the same time marketing team uses another view for the meetings. In this case, they use the overlay of the production events. This certainly helps to sync up marketing and production.

Views of Virto Calendar
Moreover, let us add an external Outlook calendar to the overlay to track the room availability. With Virto Calendar it is possible to overlay any number of Outlook and iCal calendars with your data sources.

Virto Calendar Overlay

Virto Kanban Board

Now it makes sense with events. So, what about the Kanban method and how we can apply it here? As you remember, the company keeps the data in SharePoint lists. We have just shown you how these can be used for the calendar. But we can take the same data and visualize it as a Kanban board.  People supposed to adjust the whole thing would definitely appreciate the fact of using the same data for multiple views and various purposes. And speaking about the integration of multiple apps, no need to adjust each of them from a scratch.

Clear Picture

Take a look. Every campaign of our marketers is a separate SharePoint list. This list is used for several Virto Kanban boards and helps to create a per-project view.

Virto Kanban Board

Custom Filters

To estimate the workload of the team or track the specific activities, the board users apply the filter.

Kanban Board Filter

Flexible Alerts System

Now the marketing team has a calendar view for tracking events and the Kanban boards to organize the processes. Let’s adjust the built-in notification system. So that the managers receive automatic alerts when a release is delayed, or the deadlines are changed.

Flexible Alerts for Kanban board
The notification system of the Virto Kanban also allows sending automatic emails to external users, who cannot see the changes in the company system.

What are the Benefits?

  • When chaos turns into a transparent process, the value of the marketing department is very clear to top managers.
  • Company events planning now looks like an amazing activity for the whole team.
  • The wasted time is minimized by organizing the process, easy changing the task details, and automatic alerts.
  • Instant view of a certain task and its status. Colleagues are in daily contact regarding the project.
  • The team can visualize work in a calendar view and always be sure that everything is scheduled.

And lastly. Virto Kanban Board and Virto Calendar Overlay are intended to reflect your processes. They are not meant to dictate you and your team things to do. So, you don’t need to change everything. Just involve gently what you have to an innovative organized system and achieve a higher level of your business within your team.

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