Customer Case: Lists Migration in SharePoint Online

How to migrate lists in SharePoint Online with Virto Backup & Recovery tool

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Business Requirements

Perform list migration between site collections in SharePoint Online.

Restore “Person” and “Lookup” columns.

Business Requirements

Virto SharePoint Online Backup & Recovery solution.

Solution Summary

We have the following “out of the box” solution:

Save the list as a template (list settings -> save list as template), download saved template from the List Template Gallery, and load it in the List Template Gallery at the site collection, where we want to restore the list.

This option works properly only if the list does not have column types “Person” and “Lookup”.

“Person” column may be restored, but its values may not correspond to the original list. The values ​​in the “Person” type columns are stored as 19; #User Name (where 19 is ID User and User Name is username) and restored by their ID. User ID is unique within the site collection. That is why when you transfer the list to another site collection, this ID may be assigned to another user or do not exist at all.

Lookup field also can`t be restored with the List Template. Even if we restore the list with lookup field by saving as a template, the values from lookup will not be restored. The ID of list from the referenced column is stored in the list template. And the list receives a new unique ID after restoring from a template.

We can use Virto SharePoint Online Backup & Recovery tool to solve this issue.

Virto Backup & Recovery Cmd is a migration solution that allows you to save / restore data in SharePoint Online.

You can view the detailed example of SharePoint Online backup solution in Virto blog.

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