Virto Kanban Board Updates 09/2015

We are happy to announce a major updates of SharePoint Kanban web part and SharePoint Kanban app!

Virto Kanban for SharePoint 2013 and Virto Kanban for SharePoint Online were upgraded and new great features were added! Another good news: design and performance were increased. Now you can enjoy new SharePoint Kanban and try all its features.

A minor changes has the configuration page, we have redesigned settings in a more convenient view.

Now Virto SharePoint Kanban has swimlanes! You can divide Kanban horizontal lanes into logical areas to distinguish responsibility or priority of sub-processes.

Swimlanes on SharePoint Kanban board look like in example below

New condition filters have been added.

Now you can use improved “Show user as” option and display “Avatar only”, “Full name only” or “Avatar and full name”.

Download and try a new version of SharePoint Kanban web part or SharePoint Kanban App right now!

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