Virto Kanban Board App for Office 365 and MS Teams: Updated Comments

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Online App now supports rich text format in comments of any Kanban board card and adding images to them.

Here we are with the latest update of Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Online App for Office 365! Now the app supports using rich text and adding images to comments. Now you can easily highlight your thoughts on a task and use images to discuss your work with a team right on the Kanban board.

What we have changed?

The more visual information we get, the more we understand. Improved Kanban board comments allow users to use rich text formating. Use the font format you wish to highlight your ideas.

Now you also can attach images to the comments. Easy way to elevate your ideas visually. Click an image icon and paste the copied link to the image to attach it. Set the width and height or alternate text if you need. And click “Insert”.

The chosen picture will appear in the comments feed.

Why we need comments on the Kanban board?

Of course, you can keep the discussion in your Teams channel. Especially if you’ve added the Kanban board as a tab directly to the Teams app. Sending emails also works. But for better understanding the board tasks and anything related to them, leave comments directly on cards. Because you don’t even need to switch to edit form, just type the text directly on the card.

How to use comments?

There two ways to start using comments on your Kanban board:

  1. When you create a Quick board, the source SharePoint list appears automatically on your site.  It contains the “KanbanComments” field by default. Having this field is essential to let comments work on the board.
  2. If you use a custom list as a source, you need to add a text field to keep the comments. Create a  “Multiple Lines of Text” type column added to the selected content type of your Kanban list.

That is how the comments work for the Kanban board Online app for O365 and Teams. We would appreciate any feedback from your regarding our updates!

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