Virto SharePoint Kanban Board App for O365 — New Task Completion Chart

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Online App now allows analyzing the completed tasks. See below how you can do this and what is the benefit.

We have updated the Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Online App for Office 365. Just look at what we have added! Now you can use the Completion Chart to analyze the tasks already done by your team.

If you have tasks with a due date, the chart shows which of them are completed in time or overdue. Tasks with no due date do not appear in this chart. So when you create and assign tasks, you probably should think about the due date to track it later in this chart.

How to Use the Completion Chart?

Click the “Charts” on the right top corner of the board.

Scroll down to the Completion Chart. Define the parameters you need to analyze and see the result.

Use this simple feature to manage your team and analyze the board tasks your team is working on.

And you always can export the diagram to CSV, print it, or save it as an image of the appropriate format.

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