Virto Kanban Online Permissions Model – FAQ

We have improved the permissions management model for Virto SharePoint Kanban Online.  To help you apply the changes faster, we have also prepared the answers for the most frequently asked questions.

Is the Gear icon always on?

Yes. Sometimes, when people try to experiment, they lose access. People may need to adjust their access level or just need urgent help from someone. To help our customers in these situations, the Gear icon is indeed ON for everyone, but those who are not listed as admins can only see the list of admins. This way, they find out who can help them.

Why did you split a license assignment and permissions management?

It is a common practice used, for example, in Office 365, and that gives additional flexibility to your permission management. This approach also allows you to assign a licensing manager without assigning a product license to him/her. And this saves you money.

I had a License manager, a User, and an Admin in the previous model. What do they become after the update?

License managers got transferred as licensing managers. The users and the Admins became licensed users, with default Edit level access for the Virto Kanban Board. Their SharePoint level access stays the same as you had defined it before. So, if they had read-only permissions, they stay read-only.

Former Admins and the new Admin panel managers are different roles and can do different things. In fact, the new permissions model is much more about what an Admin can do.

Does an Admin Panel manager need a license?

Yes, unlike the License Admin, Admin panel manager needs a license.

Imagine a 500-seats organization that buys 50 Virto Kanban licenses. If you migrate the solution or decide to go without an Admin for a while, you may prefer your full org not to interfere with the Admin Panel.

Why did you split the Gear into 2 pages?

In many organizations licensing management and permissions management is held by different people. Quite often the permissions management is a self-service, something an advanced user does. This person meanwhile does not always need to see how the license is purchased. On the other hand, a license manager does not always get involved in the permissions management.

Can everyone see the Admin Panel or a License management interface?

Admin panel and a License management panel is only assessable to everyone on the rare occasion when there is no single License manager or Admin panel manager specified for the SharePoint tenant. It can only happen in migrated tenants. When you specify the first Admin panel manager, it gets locked for non-admins.

For the new installation, the new permissions model requires to have at least one license admin and at least one Admin Panel manager. You just cannot delete the last one now.

What is a default permissions drop-down?

One of the cornerstones of our software is its flexibility. We let you decide. This “default permission” field allows you to define default permission for a user with a license. It speeds up the permissions management process but also allows you to adjust the work according to your standards. No worries, individual permission will override it.

Please find a detailed overview of the new model in the Virto Kanban Permissions Guide.   

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