Alerts and Reminders App Overview

SharePoint’s Alerts and Reminders App is a great tool which allows you to send alerts and reminders from SharePoint via email, and creates a flexible notification system on your SharePoint site. In addition, it has a convenient interface and is very easy to set up.


For the beginning, click on “add alert” and specify the lists by choosing, for example, “documents”. Then you select “all categories” for category type, and enter a title for your alert. Under “recipients” you can specify any user to whom the alert will be sent. You can choose either any user or an existing user based on a document library field.

Under “message view” you can customize the message, the header, footer and the body. You can also enter tags and field values for creating a detailed message. Then, under “options” you can choose how to filter the alerts. You can filter them either under a modified view, or can set specific conditions.
And as a final step, you choose when to send the alert. You can choose to send it “immediately”, as “a daily summary”, “a weekly summary” or “on date depending on a field value”. After saving the changes you can see the alert under “my alerts”.

For creating a SharePoint reminder, you click on “add reminder”, specify your list, give it a title, choose recipients, and customize your message. Next, under “options” you can choose filter view. In case you want to receive a reminder notification a few days before a document is due, you can chose “before” and type in the number of the days. When you save the changes, you will be able to see the reminder under “my alerts”.

Under Settings, you can select your time zone, as well as specify the users who can create SharePoint alerts for other users.

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