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Calendar Online App Now Supports Recurring Events

The Virto Calendar Online App for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams offers more features. See in our blog post what we have prepared.

What’s New

Recurring Events

First, Virto Calendar Online for O365 and Teams supports recurring events for Outlook and SharePoint Calendar data sources. Now you can use a wide range of conditions for recurring events and automate creating events according to them. Pay attention, the recurrence works for these two data sources.

Data Source Order

The second valuable feature we have added is data source order which you can easily change now. Previously, the data sources were listed in alphabetical order. And that was the only option. Now you can show the list of data sources as they were created: from the first data source added to the current calendar to the latest one.

How to Add/Edit Recurring Events

In Virto Calendar Overlay, you can work with recurring events if you’re using Sharepoint Calendar or Outlook Calendar as a data source.

Let’s say you have a Virto Calendar with Outlook events in it. Navigate to it and create a new event. Choose the “Make this a repeating event” checkbox to show the recurrence settings.

Repeating event

For example, create a daily meeting.

Daily meeting

This way, you can create events of recurrence conditions: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly on a specific date, only on work days.

Recurrence conditions

Indeed, you can also set the end of repeating, for example, for a chosen number of occurrences.

Set ending

You can edit a single event or a series.

Edit series

It is also possible to save a single occurence to your Outlook calendar. For example, when you need to add to your Outlook Calendar a certain event from the whole series. This action will generate the iCal file as described in the “Virto Calendar Online — Export of ICS files to the Outlook” article.

Save to Outlook

How to Change the Data Source Order

Before the latest update, the list of data sources you added to the Virto Calendar was sorted in alphabetical order by default. Now you can сhange the default order. Find the settings of the current calendar under the edit icon next to the calendar title.

Calendar Settings

Change the order using arrows or choose the exact data source order to show data sources by creation.

Data Source Order

Virto Calendar Overlay for MS Teams and O365 is even better now! Enjoy the new features and leave feedback!

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