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Full Virto Calendar Overlay Functionality in the Calendar Pro Mobile Version

Learn how to use full-featured Virto Calendar Pro for Office 365 and MS Teams as a mobile version of Virto Calendar.

You know already that Virto Calendar Overlay for Office 365 is created to overlay SharePoint and O365 calendars. But what if you could also have the same pack of features while using your mobile?

Virto Calendar Pro for Office 365 and MS Teams 

VirtoSoftware has also designed the version of the classic Virto Calendar available for your mobile. Virto Calendar Pro for O365 and Teams allows you to view all your SharePoint or Microsoft Exchange events in a single Calendar View:

  • Create easily a single space for your events from different SharePoint lists, Outlook calendars.
  • Color-code events to specify their category.
  • Apply different views for easy navigation.

Install Calendar Pro in MS Teams

Use Virto Calendar Pro in MS Teams and forget about switching between the apps and browser tabs.

To install the app, open “Apps” in MS Teams and find “Upload a custom app“.

Add downloaded .zip archive of the Virto Calendar Pro. (Download the file from VirtoSoftware site). And click “Add to a Team” on the next step.

Then click “Set up a tab”. And use “Add it” on the next step.

Now add the Calendar to your Teams (SharePoint) site.

Then open the SharePoint site and trust the added app. Return back to Teams and add a Calendar tab to it. Use the full-featured app from your Teams app on the laptop or mobile phone.

Thank you for your interest in Virto products. And feel free to leave your feedback!

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