Information Technology (IT) Department Automation

Operate and support an organization’s IT infrastructure efficiently and securely with a smart IT department processes automation.

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  • Help desk service requests
  • User account maintenance
  • Systems Security Administration
  • SharePoint site collection management
  • IT assets management including hardware and software



The proper IT department organization is one of the key factors that are influencing on organizational productivity. Requests, incident management, user accounts and site collection provisioning and administrating and other IT procedures require flexible, intuitive and easily configurable tools. With a smart automated execution makes IT processes more effective, efficient and rapid.


All IT department functions pay specific attention to quality assurance, administrative policies, information security and segregation of duties. And it is of essential importance to ensure positive acceptance of automating corporative and individual processes by all employees to deliver optimal service. The new technology abilities have captured the imagination; your team just needs to explore the right tools.


You can increase speed and quality of IT services with smart and pleasant to use components. Variable useful tools automate your company`s IT processes and allow an administrator to focus on really important tasks.

You can significantly reduce the workload on IT department through the automated SharePoint workflows tailored for your business requirements. The more important are tools that allow monitoring and managing workflows in a single view. You can display a list of workflow titles and statuses or run them on a specific schedule.

Alerts and reminders system is increasing the communications channel in case of incident management. An alert attracts immediate attention to an issue and customized notifications make sure you don’t forget about any prolonged task.

Help desk service requests became often a time-consuming part of administrator daily tasks. All incoming tickets on help desk as well tasks in progress can be displayed on Kanban board, where all users can track the status of their requests.

Information Technology (IT) Department Automation

Account administration can be a real challenge, if a company has hundreds or even thousands employees. But it is possible to optimize the account creation process by onboarding with the AD account clone feature. Now the administrator spends only a few minutes to add and adjust a new account while he can copy an existing account and allows to new user to customize it by themselves and fill out personal data with self-service ability. The password managing components allow to new hire or logged in users to change their passwords and reset or recovery them as well without contacting an administrator.

With a smart automation of business operations, your company can avoid project delays and reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions while keeping things simple.


IT department project includes consulting, implementation, customization (if required), documentation and user guide preparation, and software licenses.

IT department process management usually includes the following software:



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