Meet the new Virto app: Resource Manager for Office 365

SharePoint Resource Manager app for Office 365 is a tool for effective SharePoint project management. Add and edit SharePoint project tasks in a chart view!

SharePoint Resource Manager app is a new solution to manage SharePoint project tasks, check the workload of your employees and utilization of material resources in a chart.

You can display SharePoint Online resources (which are customized and color-coded SharePoint lists) in a view of a Gantt table. There you can create, edit, and reschedule tasks, switch timescale views (Hours, Quarter Day, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Half year). And, of course, you can assign colors for tasks, resources, and the table strings.

Virto Office 365 Resource Manager app allows you to add one or several resource lists to a chart. You can select list fields to be displayed and available to edit in chart. You may also set user and user groups permissions to edit and read only tasks in a chart.

Learn more about all features of SharePoint Resource Manager app, a new SharePoint project management solution of Virtosoftware on our site.

Sergi Sinyugin
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