Enjoy Modern SharePoint Experience with Virto Resource Manager SPFx

Virtosoftware has launched the Virto Resource Manager application, specifically designed for Modern SharePoint sites. Dive in to explore its unique features!

Meet the New Virto Resource Manager SPFx

VirtoSoftware team is happy to announce that the Virto Resource Manager app is ready to use! The app is available in the Microsoft App Store for download and installation. 

Resource Manager

To start using Virto Resource Manage on modern SharePoint site pages, download the app and add it to the chosen site. Please find the detailed instruction in the How to Add a Virto Modern Web Part to your SharePoint Site blog post.

If you have already installed the Virto Resource Manager app, you still can use the same license. No special purchase is required if your license is valid.

Virto Resource Manager Key Features

The new Virto Resource Manager app supports SharePoint Framework (SPFx). To combine the modern experience of full-featured SharePoint with Virto Resource Manager functionality, add new Virto Resource Manager SPFx with minor usability improvements to your site. 

Before you start, let us remind you of the key features of the Resource Manager solution.

1  Check the workload of your team on the chart.

Resource Manager

2  Show multiple data sources in a single view.

Resource Manager
3  Create and edit tasks right on the chart.

Resource Manager
4  Tune the chart as you need: add existing resources, define the access for users and etc.

Resource Manager

Recommended Data Sources

To work with Virto Resource Manager successfully in Modern SharePoint mode, we highly recommend choosing the Work Progress Bar template as a data source. The list template contains all the fields required for the correct work.  You also can use a SharePoint task list, but please remember to switch to the classic SharePoint view for creating it (see how to switch between views).

Download from the Microsoft App Store

Virto Resource Manager is a perfect tool to visualize the workload of your team and make all the necessary changes to tasks right on the chart. Just choose the right data sources and tune the app according to your business requirements. Flexible, easy-to-use, and extremely attractive solution for enhanced work with tasks in SharePoint!

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