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Virto Calendar Online Update — Add Tasks from MS Planner to your Shared Calendar

Virto Calendar Online for Office 365 now supports adding items from MS Planner to your shared Calendar for efficient collaboration and planning a team’s work.

We have updated Virto Online Calendar Overlay for Office 365! Now the app allows you to add items from MS Planner and show them in the Shared calendar as planned events.

Use of Microsoft Planner

Quite a large group of VirtoSoftware clients uses Microsoft Planner to organize teamwork. This intuitive O365 tool helps to visualize task management and provides such features as content-rich task cards, checklists, labels, charts, and others.

But there are some cases when it’s not enough. For instance, if you need to track events in the Calendar together with tasks from Planner. It seems to be no other option than switching between the apps all the time and check how is it going here and there.

Planner Tasks and Calendar Events in a single view

Virtosoftware always pays much attention to our client’s feedback. Even if your case is unique, you can be sure we’ll find a way to adapt the Virto tools’ functionality and provide the appropriate solution.  And this instantly goes to “Urgent” when we get a similar request for features from several companies. So, here it is! Now you just add tasks from your Planner to Virto Calendar and get them in a single view.

How to add tasks from Planner to the Virto Calendar

Go to the Virto Calendar settings and open “Available Calendars”. Click “Create New” or open the existing calendar where you’d like to add Planer’s tasks.

Then choose the checkbox “Display tasks from MS Planner”.

Do not forget to scroll down and save the calendar settings.

As a result, the Planner’s tasks appear in the shared calendar. Now you can see all of them in a single view and track then without switching between the apps.

Moreover, as you can add the Virto calendar to your MS Teams, now you can see the tasks from MS Planner there as well.

Thank you for  your contunuing interest in Virto products and interaction with O365 apps.  We appreciate any feedback on our new features.

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