Virto Event Viewer Overview

Virto Sharepoint Event Calendar Viewer web part allows you to display events of various types defined according to your business needs. Modern look, high usability and easy-to-adjust solution are just a few highlights of its capabilities.

Available Display Modes

Autodetection of Event Type

This means that if you start entering an event type that was created before, the field will offer the existing option types. This will definitely shorten the process of event creations.

Flexible Set of Properties for Event Types

This way, you can choose which events should include the organizer and location and which of them should show the schedule and image. Displaying the hourly schedule (agenda) for event preview is also supported. You can flexibly adjust displaying data in the calendar.

Configuration of Display Properties

You can sort and filter events by name, location, type, start/end date. Virto Event Viewer also allows you to create events without publishing them. This is convenient for editing and planning stages.

Other Features

Set event time and date along with other values

You can add images to your events.

When creating a new event, you can use the images that were used before.

You can jump months really fast to look for events you want

Associate your event with any colour you want

You will surely appreciate the modern design and attractive style of this component. Just download and start using the web part, it’s very simple and quick. The adjustment process is as comfortable and pleasant as using this new Virto component. Enjoy the full package of Virto Sharepoint Event Clendar Viewer features. Test and Buy Virto Sharepoint Event Calendar Viewer

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