VirtoSoftware Releases Top Virto Apps and Web Parts for SharePoint 2016

Good news for you! Virto top components will be available soon on the new SharePoint 2016 platform. We know that many of our clients already plan to move to new SharePoint 2016, that’s why we move with you this way.
There is the list of our top SharePoint Web Parts and Add-ins, that will be available for download and installation for SharePoint 2016 in June.

SharePoint Worklow activities kit
SharePoint Calendar
SharePoint Workflow Scheduler
SharePoint Kanban
SharePoint Gantt
SharePoint Bulk File Upload
SharePoint Bulk File Download
SharePoint Alerts
SharePoint Password management components

All add-ins and web parts for SharePoint 2016 will be naturally available under Virto ONE License! That’s also means that all Virto ONE clients will be able to migrate to SharePoint 2016 without any additional licensing costs.

And here’s another exciting announcement.
If you need an urgent release of some specific Virto SharePoint Web Parts for SharePoint 2016 in the short term, feel free to contact us and send your request at [email protected], so we’ll speed up the release of specific product for you.

By the end of Summer 2016 all our 50+ products will be available for the new SharePoint 2016.

Sergi Sinyugin
Sergi Sinyugin

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