Customer Case: Global Multimedia Content Corporation

As a result of Virto ONE components implantation, the company achieves new levels of efficiency.

A global leader in multimedia content

Media company

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft SharePoint 2013

MicroSoft SharePoint 2010

“We chose Virtosoftware for both comprehensive/configurable functionality and price. Virto team is very responsive in addressing any issues we may have and are open to ideas for enhancements and new products. Virtosoftware makes high-demand products that increase adoption and satisfaction from our customers.”

Director, Information Technology at the multimedia company

The Challenge:

Virtosoftware`s client is a media conglomerate, managing the collection of cable networks. The company needed to increase their SharePoint intranet and extranet functionality and minimize costs.

By using Virto ONE licensing solution, the media corporation optimized their enterprise environment and simplifies processes administration. The solution has been readily accepted by users and reduces costs of delivering mission critical applications to the media company`s customers.

Solution and use cases:

The mostly used Virto products: SharePoint Calendar, SharePoint Workflow Activities Kit, Virto Calendar Overlay Pro App, SharePoint Workflow Scheduler.

As a result of Virto ONE components implantation, the company achieves new levels of efficiency, increases the automation and delivers a lot of the capabilities the business has been looking for.

The Virto Workflow Activity Kit increases the media conglomerate’s productivity and allows to focus on the customer instead of writing custom code. They have been able to deliver complex business solutions by using both the workflow activity kit and scheduler.

Implementation examples

A single list for relevant updates from various sources

Emails and requests processing with improved security

Send corporate emails

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