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New Virto Web License Manager Update Launched

VirtoSoftware just released the brand new license manager. In this article, I will describe how the licenses for VirtoSoftware components can be activated.

There are two ways of activation – manual activation (offline) and online activation. You can use any of these options depending on availability of the Internet connection at the moment of activation.

Web License Manager is included into the .zip archive prepared for installation of your component. Please unzip and install it in order to run activation process.

You can also download new Virto Web License Manager 3.5 separately for SharePoint 2016SharePoint 2013, and for SharePoint 2010.

After installation you should ensure the Virto License Manager feature is activated for Central Administration Web Application.

To activate the license go to “Central Administration – Virto Software Web License Manager”. Click “Products”.

You will see the list of all VirtoSoftware components installed on your servers. On the right your contact information is displayed.

If you have Internet connection, you will see last available version of product, subscription expiration statuses.
Pay attention to the value of “License Status” field:

  • Trial – you are using trial version.
  • Error – the trial period is expired.
  • Unlocked – you have entered the serial number but have not activated the license yet.
  • Activated – the license is activated.

Enter the serial number and choose type of activation: online or offline.

Online Activation

Online activation requires Internet connection. To start registration, fill in the form fields form the serial number. Activation code is not required for online activation.
Then click “Activate Online”.

Manual Activation (Offline)

Manual activation does not require Internet connection. To activate your license from the “Unlocked” status (see previous section) or from “Trial” status, enter your serial number and activation code. (If you continue activation from unlocked status, enter just activation code). Click “Activate offline”.

To generate Offline Activation Code, please do this on the following page:

If the license is successfully activated, you will see its new status (“Activated”).

The licenses stay activated in case of changing hardware (HDD, RAM, video card and etc.) because they are related to ID SharePoint stored in the data base.

Virto ONE activation

To activate your Virto ONE license for all Virto web parts choose Virto ONE below the list of all VirtoSoftware components. Enter activation code like in previous examples. Offline activation example is similar to other products activation.

If the license is successfully activated, you will see its new status (“Activated”). To get Activation Code please contact Virto support and provide us serial number and Machine code.


To manage your subscriptions go to “Central Administration – VirtoSoftware Web License Manager”. Click “Subscriptions”.

You will see the list of all your subscriptions.

You can display subscription status in three views: all subscriptions, expires soon, expired. Also, subscription list allows you to display actual subscription status. Press link on status bar.

Your current subscription status will be displayed.

Virto timer jobs

Virto license manager adds 3 timer jobs to Central Admin Web Application, which inform you about your subscriptions statuses.

Note: Internet connection is required for proper timer job function.

Virto Notification Timer Job

It sends expired subscription notifications to the contact email weekly.

Virto Subscription Timer Job
This timer job updates actual information about your subscription status, based on sales records

Virto ONE License Timer Job
This timer job updates actual information about Virto ONE license subscription.

Note: You can switch timer jobs if you needed; they are not strongly required.

How to update your Virto Web License Manager

  1. Download last version of Virto License Manager for SharePoint 2016SharePoint 2013, or SharePoint 2010
  2. Uninstall the previous version
  3. Run setup.exe and install new License Manager
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Tatiana Sushchenko is the product owner at VirtoSoftware. She started her IT career with the famous ABBYY Lingvo back in 2006 in Moscow. Then she moved to Microsoft performing strongly in various marketing management roles across Visio, SharePoint, Office 365 and Project for almost 10 years. Tatiana is a graduate of the Institute of Business Studies and holds a mini-MBA degree. She also graduated from Microsoft marketing excellence university.

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