SharePoint Forms Designer web part update 09/2018

Virto SharePoint Forms Designer was updated to v.1.3.14. We added ability to place field name above a field value, custom format option for DateTime field, ability to reset all forms, themes for Tabs and Accordions, and CheckIn button in form for checked out items.

The newest update for SharePoint Forms Designer web part for SharePoint 2013/2016 has a bunch of features!

Ability to place field name above the field value

The “Field name above the field value” option allows you to put the name of a field above the field box. For example, “Title” field is shown with this option applied.

Reset all forms for all content types

Reset button allows you to remove all controls from a current form view. “Reset all forms” helps to reset all existing form views for different content types.

DateTime format for Display Forms

Date and Time fields have an additional option to set a custom time format for date and hours.

Save & CheckIn button for documents Edit Form

“Add Save & CheckIn button” option can be applied if a list where you add a form uses Check-Out feature. In this case, you can just save or save and check-in an item after working with it in form view.

Themes for Tabs and Accordions

We added to SharePoint Forms Designer some themes for tabs and accordions.

You can color-code all form container headers in blue, green, gray, or yellow color.

Learn more about all features of SharePoint Forms Designer web part on our site.


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