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Virto Calendar for MS Teams Update — Public Folder Calendar

Have you thought about adding a public folder calendar to your Teams? We have good news for you! Now you can add your shared calendar created from a public folder in Office 365 to the Virto Calendar. And even use it in a separate tab of your MS Teams as well.

Many companies need a shared calendar. It might be a schedule of department meetings, online course calendar, the plan of vacations or any other corporate calendar. Some organizations use Office 365 mailbox and create a public folder calendar for this purpose. Then, the team members add it to the Outlook.  If this is your case  we can improve your experience.  Add your public folder calendar as a data source to the Virto Calendar app for SharePoint and use it with your colleagues right from the Teams.

Public Folder within the Virto Calendar

We have updated the Virto Calendar for MS Teams functionality. So, now you can add your public folder as an additional data source for your Virto Calendar. Moreover, if you add a Virto Calendar to MS Teams, you and your team can use this public folder calendar as a separate tab. No more switching to SharePoint or browser. All in a single place.

Furthermore, the functionality of the Virto Calendar for MS Teams is not limited to just adding the public folder to the Virto Calendar as a data source. It is also possible to create, modify, and delete events added from the public folder right in the Virto Calendar.

How to Add a Public Folder Calendar?

Step 1

If you do not have a public folder mailbox yet, you will need to create it using the Exchange Admin Center and then in the “Public folders” section. Then create the Calendar folder using MS Outlook.

Step 2

Go to app settings and select the checkbox “Display Events from Public Folders Calendar (s)”.

Show Public folders Calendar

Now the public folder calendar events will appear in your Virto Calendar Overlay.

Learn more about the Virto Calendar App for Office 365. Please feel free to leave your feedback on the new functionality of our products.

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