VirtoSoftware Introduced the Gantt Web Part New Awesome Features

Now you can schedule tasks in Virto SharePoint Gantt Chart web part automatically in dependence on relations between tasks.

For example, I created two tasks and connected them by arrow to make the following dependency: the second task starts after the first task’s end date.

Now I`ll move the first task to a new date and change the SharePoint Gantt Chart schedule. With the new auto scheduling feature Virto SharePoint Gantt Chart web part updates second task without any alteration in task duration and changes its start date according to the end date of the first task. If I move the first task end date to Friday, the successor task start date will be Monday.

SharePoint Gantt 1
With this convenient feature of Virto SharePoint Gantt you can easily working on a comprehensive project plan without setting dates and scheduling of dozens depending tasks manually.

Another feature is the ability to automatically set a start date of depending task after the end date of the predecessor task, even if the depending task started before the predecessor.

For example, I `ll make the task 2 the successor of the task 1. After I set the dependency, the start date of the predecessor changes according to end date of the task 1.

SharePoint Gantt 2
The parent task logic was also improved. Start and end dates (duration) of summary task are calculated according to start and end dates of it’s children.
SharePoint Gantt 3

You can download a FREE 30-day trial of SharePoint Gantt Chart web part that is fully functional and explore all its features!

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