Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Updates 05/2018

Virto Kanban for SharePoint Online was upgraded and has a new design, multiple lists overlay ability, and updated notification email.

UI redesign

SharePoint Kanban web part has new settings interface and more customization abilities to display tasks with required view, details, color-coding, filters on a single board.

Merge multiple lists 

SharePoint Kanban web part allows you to overlay multiple SharePoint lists on one board. You can add lists from distinct subsites, and merge lists with flexible  compatibility rules.

New notification email 

We added functionality to create a notification email with custom condition. The email can be enhanced with text, links, pictures, tags, and field values tracking.

You can update your SharePoint Kanban with new 4.0.2 version and try all its features in your SharePoint. You can also dowload the 30-days free trial and test it in your environment!

Sergi Sinyugin
Sergi Sinyugin

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