Virto SharePoint Kanban web part update 08/2018

SharePoint Kanban Board web part updated with ability to edit values from the card directly, tasks search, sorting, and more smart features!

A major update of Virto SharePoint Kanban is out! New v.4.2.2 comes with a bunch of UI updates and search features.

Edit fields on card

The most important option is an ability to edit values from the task card directly. Hover the mouse cursor to a field, all fields underlined with white dots are editable.

Edit fields on card in Kanban by virto

Now, you may change a field value on the card, all changes will be applied to the source list as well.

change a field value on the card in Kanban board by virto

Use default SharePoint form

You may use a Kanban form to edit tasks and optionally select a default SharePoint form.

default SharePoint form in Kanban by virto

Interactive search of cards on board

Search control allows you to show only tasks matching to any entered task values (text, numbers, and symbols) that are displayed on cards.

Virto Kanban Board cards

Sorting field in a column (cell)

As you can see on the UI picture above, you can apply tasks sorting in ascending and descending order.

To display this filter on the board header, you have to specify a field for sorting in the web part settings. For example, you may arrange tasks in a cell according to descending Start Date.

Sorting field in a column (cell) in Virto Kanban

Note: if you set a field for sorting, the manual sorting of tasks will be disabled.

You can download the last version of SharePoint Kanban on our site and try its 30-days free trial.

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