Virto Kanban Board On-Premise: Updated Charts for Making Reports

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board web part now has improved charts. Take a look at what we have changed!

Not long ago we updated Virto Kanban Board Online and presented the new functionality of charts. Now it’s time for Virto Kanban Board On-Prem!  We are happy to announce the update of the Kanban Board web part and present the enhanced reports and charts.

Kanban Board Charts

When you work with the Virto Kanban Board web part, you need to analyze the results of working on tasks. The easiest way to see if your team is efficient or not is by making reports. Open the Kanban board you’re working with and use the charts icon in the right upper corner.

Charts Icon

Interactive Charts

The charts you could use before were static. We’ve worked on them and now you can change the parameters to form the chart and make any analysis you wish. For example, you can choose the tasks created or modified for a required period. In addition, now you can apply different conditions to the charts on the left and on the right. While previously the charts showed the same conditions but in different ways.

Modified Charts for Kanban Board

Save the chart

One more attractive feature we already love is the ability to save the chart in the appropriate format. Tune the chart and print the report or save it as PDF, PNG, JPEG, or SVG to share with your team or sponsors.

Save Charts

Burndown analysis

Finally, we have added the new burndown chart. The burndown chart shows the work left and you can use it to analyze tasks of your board in the Kanban web part. You need just to choose the period and start to analyze the efficiency of the team. This chart is also printable in the required format.

Burndown Charts

Don’t waste your time and start using the improved charts for your Virto Kanban On-Prem boards.

We also have optimized the performance. Now the Kanban web part works even better. And one more change is now you can use external lookup fields for parent ID fields of your board.

Please feel free to leave your feedback on our new features!

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