How to create a calendar overlay in SharePoint 2013 and 2010

SharePoint calendar overlay feature allows users to view the data of several different lists in one color-coded Calendar List. SharePoint calendar overlay colors help you to organize and display the differences between various kinds of events. In this article, we will gather most popular asked calendar customization: how to assign SharePoint 2013 calendar overlay colors and SharePoint 2010 calendar overlay colors.

Create and open a calendar, then click Calendars Overlay on the ribbon to open SharePoint calendar overlay settings.

SharePoint Calendar overlay 4

On SharePoint calendar overlay settings page click "New Calendar".

SharePoint Calendar overlay 5

Enter a SharePoint Calendar name and select the type of calendar.
Now add the description of a new calendar. Choose one of the the SharePoint calendar overlay colors which you would like assigned to the item in calendar view.
The Web URL navigates to the location of your other calendar. Press "Resolve" and fill next fields.

SharePoint Calendar overlay 6

Now choose "List" and "List view". Box "Always show" can be left unchecked.
Then save the changes.

SharePoint Calendar overlay 7

Now you will see your new calendar listed under Additional Calendars. You can repeat the steps above and create several calendars for your SharePoint Calendar Overlay.
Note: SharePoint allows a maximum of 10 calendars per view in SharePoint Calendar Overlay.
SharePoint Calendar overlay

Now you can show data from many SharePoint Calendar Overlay Lists in a single calendar view:

SharePoint Calendar overlay 1

The process is very similar for assigning SharePoint 2013 calendar overlay colors and SharePoint 2010 calendar overlay colors.

Also, you can use ready-to-use solution from VirtoSoftware, which allows you to display all your events from different SharePoint 2013, 2010 or 2007 lists and/or Microsoft Exchange calendars and even from SalesForce Calendars. You can apply any combination of RGB for coloring events according to their category and  use many other features of this web part. Learn more about SharePoint Calendar.