Meet the New Gantt Chart App: Improved Performance and Usability

Gantt Chart App for SharePoint Online is now available in Microsoft App Store. Find something new in our article!

A couple of months ago, we released the updated version of the Virto SharePoint Gantt Chart on-premises. This time we are ready to show Gantt Chart Online App.


Today people all over the world can use the Gantt chart as a method of efficient task management. Modern tools allow users to automate creating such a diagram in a couple of minutes. As a result, managers and stakeholders can instantly get an informative and clear picture of any project in a Gantt chart view.

Gantt Chart App for Office 365 by VirtoSoftware was designed to provide the classic logic of task management for Microsoft SharePoint users. The app takes data from a custom SharePoint list (or multiple lists) and generates the tasks tree view. Users only need to check that start and end dates are chosen for each task in the source list.

Gantt Online Features

The improved Gantt Online supports the same list of features it provided before the update. Indeed, we have added something new, but let us see what Gantt App offers to its users.

First, the app takes data from a SharePoint list and automatically builds a Gantt chart. Using as many data sources as you wish and adding multiple SharePoint lists to your Gantt chart is especially valuable. In the chart, you add milestones, set parent-child relations, and add summary tasks with step-by-step subtasks in them. To define the order of tasks, specify successors and predecessors. Changing task duration, percent completion, and the deadline is possible with drag and drop right on the chart. No need to load the task edit form. Zoom buttons will help to switch quickly between time scales for better analysis. To finalize the customization, use color-coding for tasks and data sources. Filters will help to find the tasks you’re searching for.

As promised, we’d like to tell you what we have changed in the Gantt Chart Online app. This time, we have improved the performance and usability.


Enjoy Gantt Chart on The New Engine

Now Virto Gantt Chart app works on the new engine, the fastest Ajax grid for tables, grids, and charts. Look at the new style of the chart and the enhanced performance provided by the new engine.

Customize  Task Forms As You Wish

It is you decide how many fields you wish to show on the task view/edit form. Make it as detailed as you need and add all the fields from the data source you find necessary for the form.

Use Auto-Schedule Option for Complex Tasks

This option is the most useful when rescheduling a summary task. You may allow child tasks to be changed accordingly or let users do this only manually.

Save Chart to PDF

Now the Virto Gantt Chart app supports saving to PDF. When you need to send the chart to someone as a file or attach it to an email, you can save the chart as a PDF.

Virto Gantt Chart app is a SharePoint project management tool intended to visualize complex and multi-level tasks with a few clicks. Visit the product page to learn more about the solution. Moreover, you can find the updated Gantt Chart published in Microsoft App Store. Thank you for checking this article out!


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