Adding Colors to SharePoint Calendar Overlays

SharePoint calendar overlay feature allows users to view multiple lists’ data on one color-coded SharePoint Calendar. SharePoint calendar colors help you organize and distinguish events of different categories.
In this blogpost, we overview most popular calendar customization issue: how to set SharePoint 2010/2013 calendar overlay colors.

Create a SharePoint calendar and open it, then click “Calendars Overlay” on the ribbon to access SharePoint calendar overlay settings.

On the SharePoint calendar overlay settings page click “New Calendar”.

Type in your SharePoint Calendar name and select the calendar type.

Next, add a description of the new calendar. Select a calendar overlay color from the available ones to be applied to your calendar view item. The Web URL navigates to your other calendar location. Press “Resolve” and fill in the next fields.

Next, select “List” and “List view”. The “Always show” box can be left unchecked.

Now you have your new calendar listed on Additional Calendars. To create a number of calendars to be overlaid as a single SharePoint Calendar, you should repeat the steps above.

Note: SharePoint allows a maximum of 10 overlay calendars per view.

Overlaying multiple SharePoint calendar lists allows you to process the calendar data on a single view:

If you want to experience extended SharePoint Calendar features, install VirtoSoftware’s Calendar web part. The Virto Calendar allows you to combine all your events from multiple SharePoint 2013, 2010 or 2007 lists and/or Microsoft Exchange calendars, and even from SalesForce Calendars, on a single view. You are free to apply any RGB colors to mark event types, and enjoy other nice features of the web part. Learn more about SharePoint Calendar.

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